Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Working Bridges Resource Coordinator

The Working Bridges Resource Coordinator is a key component of both the Working Bridges program
and Working Communities Challenge initiative. The Working Bridges program improves business and workforce stability by bringing innovative practices to employers and employees using the workplace as a platform for human services.

The Resource Coordinator is an individual with exceptional knowledge of community resources, state
services, and financial coaching who works on-site at a partnering employer site for at least four hours
per week per site to help employees navigate non-work-related issues. Other elements of the program
include on-site individual or group training for employees, mobile tax preparation, coordination of
income advance loans for employees, and participation in employer collaborative meetings.

The Working Communities Challenge (WCC) is a targeted three-year initiative that aims to increase
economic mobility and overall well-being for Greater Barre Area women-led households experiencing
financial instability. The primary role of the Resource Coordinator in this innovative project is to support
aligned coordination of employment support utilizing the components of the Working Bridges program
and individual wrap-around support.

Apply for our Washington County area Working Bridges Resource Coordinator position here.

Apply for our Northeast Kingdom Working Bridges Resource Coordinator position here.