In Memoriam – DAVID HEATH –

David Heath
David Heath

David Heath has been an integral part of our annual “Kaleidoscope of Talent” show for the past six years. I remember when the show first came about and we were looking for a photographer.

I had previous experience with David for many years at my current place of employment and picked up that he would be the best fit for our need. For three years, I can remember telling him to send me the photos and the bill for how much the photos would be. We would receive a nice photo album with photos (and duplicates) – and a Photo CD to boot!

The package, which was always hand-delivered to me personally, inside there was no bill. The first two years I called David to find out how much we owed him – his reply? “Not a thing.”  What? “It’s for a great cause, and I enjoy taking those photos for you!”

So for six years, David Heath has given his HEART and his SOUL to the Green Mountain United Way; we’d ask him if he was available for the following year, he would always reply, “Just let me know when!” The last few years, he’d come up to us and ask when the next show was – even before we asked him!

David GAVE in a way in that reflected his personality with a SELFLESS act of KINDNESS. His donation to our talent show was no small potatoes! The photos continue to live on within websites telling of our “Kaleidoscope of Talent” show successes.

Personally, I achieve all of our digital talent show photographs in a single folder labeled simply GMUW Talent Show Photos…as I look at them now…a tear comes to my eye and thoughts of joy comes to mind of the times we shared, even for a brief moment, that makes a real person. It’s not only what they are doing right now, but how it will affect others after they are gone.

David will live on in our hearts from this day forward.

Another person on our Talent Show committee first met David about 24 years ago. They had wanted a family portrait done.

Since it was winter her girls were very little back then – David actually came to their home and did all of the pictures of them in the house so that the girls would feel more at ease at having their pictures taken. David was a very kind, thoughtful and generous man. He was always willing to help whenever they would call him in regards to doing pictures for different group events. His generosity will be greatly missed.

Thank You David. Thank You.

The official obituary can be found on the Times Argus website via this link:

Timothy R. Barre
Funding Resources Committee
Green Mountain United Way

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