Strong Community Comes Together to Lift Up! Local Communities

CrossFit weightlifting event raises hundreds of pounds and hundreds of dollars for Green Mountain United Way

Berlin, Vermont – November 21, 2016 – Vermont’s CrossFit and weightlifting communities came together on Saturday, November 19 for the Lift Up! Benefit for Green Mountain United Way at Green Mountain CrossFit’s Central Vermont facility at 645 Granger Road in Berlin, Vermont.

Lifters came together not to compete against one another, but to beat their own personal records while raising funds for Green Mountain United Way, which supports communities in Caledonia, Essex, Orange, Orleans, and Washington Counties through work in the areas of health, education and financial stability. The event raised nearly $600, nearly $500 more than in 2015.

“This event is what the Green Mountain United Way is all about.” said Tawnya Kristen, Executive Director of Green Mountain United Way “Coming together as a community, supporting people, regardless of differences, through overwhelming obstacles and believing in the strength of the individual and power of community.  Simply said, we can achieve amazing things when we come together!”

Over 25 participants came to try their strength in any or all of five different lifts: Shoulder Press, Back Squat, Deadlift, Snatch, Clean & Jerk. Many personal bests were achieved by athletes from all over Central and Northern Vermont, including many who are members of Green Mountain CrossFit’s two gyms in Berlin and Morrisville. Participants had 5 minutes to complete their best version of a lift and were recorded by a volunteer judge. Judges watched to insure that a lift was completed according to CrossFit standards, which are different than the standards used to judge Olympic Lifting and Power Lifting sanctioned events. Many used the experience to push their personal athletic boundaries and improve on their former personal best weights while being recorded by a judge in a supportive atmosphere.

Spectators were equal in number to event participants and provided loud cheers of encouragement to everyone from the strongest competitors to the youngest lifter. The event’s youngest participant, Oryon who is just 7 years old, and tried his hand at the deadlift, hoisting 70 lbs. while being spotted by his mom, Green Mountain CrossFit co-owner Cady Hart-Petterssen. Cheers for Oryon were as loud, if not louder, than for Rob Owen and Chaz Maclay, who both lifted some of the heaviest weights of the day!

“This is the kind of event where everyone wins – athletes get the opportunity to challenge themselves in an atmosphere full of support and strength, and the money that was raised goes to helping those in our community who need a little lift. We were thrilled with the response to this year’s event and hope to host another like it in the future.”, said Nick Petterssen, co-owner and founder of Green Mountain CrossFit.

Results Highlights:


Women’s Open (women under 40 years old)

Shoulder Press – Callie Chapman: 105 lbs

Back Squat – Callie Chapman: 265 lbs

Deadlift – Jess Cotnoir: 285 lbs

Snatch – Callie Chapman: 120 lbs

Clean & Jerk – Callie Chapman: 150 lbs

Women’s Masters (over 40)

Shoulder Press – Tawnya Kristen: 120 lbs

Back Squat – Charity Pratt: 265 lbs

Deadlift – Joanna Hull: 335 lbs

Snatch – Charity Pratt: 110 lbs

Clean & Jerk: Jackie Horton: 145 lbs

Men’s Open  under 40 years old)

Shoulder Press – Chaz Maclay: 230 lbs

Back Squat – Chaz Maclay: 510 lbs

Deadlift – Chaz Maclay: 635 lbs

Snatch – Dillon Ward: 245 lbs

Clean & Jerk – Dillon Ward: 295 lbs

Men’s Masters (over 40)

Shoulder Press – Robert Owen: 205 lbs

Back Squat – Jay Hill 435 lbs

Deadlift -Jay Hill: 560 lbs

Snatch –  Robert Owen: 180 lbs

Clean & Jerk – Shannon Lewis: 230 lbs



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