A bright idea: Light up your home and lighten your wallet with LEDs

How to easily lower your energy costs by thousands of dollars!

As the world strives to become more energy efficient, many are switching the type of bulbs used in the home from traditional incandescent (or slightly more efficient halogen incandescent) to light emitting diodes (LEDs) and saving at least a thousand dollars over ten years, according to research from the Consumer Federation of America. It is not only good for your wallet, but also helps the planet. By using more energy-efficient lighting and cutting back on energy consumption, emissions from power plants are also reduced—a win for consumers, a win for the environment

Based on CFA’s price survey, the average electricity cost of a single 60-watt equivalent incandescent bulb is around $5 per year, while the energy costs of a comparable LED are $1 dollar per year. Couple this with the fact that incandescent bulbs will need to be replaced every one or two years and LEDs last at least an astonishing ten years, and the savings benefits of using LEDs are massive.

The survey of 17 different LED bulbs found the most expensive total cost for a single bulb is about $15.40 over ten years. And the cheapest incandescent bulb? A whopping $61 over ten years. The extra few dollars spent up front on LEDs pays for itself after just one year. And with over 20 bulbs in an average home, you can see how the savings add up.

Luckily, LEDs aren’t hard to find because they are now the primary light bulbs displayed in most stores. Ready to make the switch? Here are five important things to keep in mind when buying brand new LEDs:

  1. Don’t buy the first LED bulb you see. Check out wattage or brightness (now indicated in lumens), light color (measured in kelvins), and dimmablilty to see what LED fits your needs the best. These are on the packaging. Consider buying a few different bulbs to test before installing them all over your home.
  2. Look for in-house brands. They tend to be slightly cheaper, and stores are more likely to quickly resolve any potential problems with their own brands.
  3. Look for the ENERGY STAR logo. It indicates that the LED you are purchasing meets minimum federal standards for light output, color quality, and warranty.
  4. If your bulb does not work properly, return it to the store for a replacement. The store you purchased it from is also more likely to contact the manufacturer and complain, helping to improve quality control.
  5. Focus on dollars, not cents. Keep in mind that the $1-$2 extra you are paying today for the LED only represents a few cents in costs each year over the life of the bulb, but the energy savings will be much higher.

By switching to LEDs, you can save at least $1000 over ten years and help save the Earth!

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Health and Wellness Newsletter – June, 2017


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Health and Wellness Newsletter – June, 2017

Stop paying so much for your prescriptions

Paying So Much for Your Prescriptions!



The price of your prescription medication varies from pharmacy to pharmacy, even if they’re on the same street in your town.

Use our Drug Price Look-Up Tool to compare prices of your prescription at nearby pharmacies:

  • Enter your drug name and zip code
  • View the FamilyWize price of your medication at each pharmacy near that zip code
  • Select the lowest price and go to that pharmacy with your FamilyWize card or mobile app
  • Show your card or app to your pharmacist so you receive the lowest possible price!


Start saving now by clicking on the button below:



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Prices vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. Use our Drug Price Look-Up Tool to see the FamilyWize price of your medications.
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One Day of Caring – 150 Hours for our Community

We cannot thank our Day of Caring Spring 2017 volunteers enough for the hours of hard work on May 24th for our Spring 2017 Day of Caring. Collectively, they logged 150 hours of volunteer time (in one day!) and if that time was money, this crew would have donated over $3500 to through the United Way. The accomplishments at both the Family Center of Washington County and Good Samaritan Haven were astounding and each of our volunteers deserves a huge high five and a round of applause.

Brooke Jenkins, Executive Director at Good Samaritan, told us, “the work these volunteers were able to do whittled down a list of projects that would have taken me, my staff, and our regular volunteers nearly 2 years to complete!” Wow! Two years of work in just one day – that is nothing short of amazing!

The team at Washington County Family Center was equally enthusiastic, emailing me this note for you, “We are super excited that our gardens are cleaned up — we have families that don’t have access to gardening or fresh fruit or vegetables that are looking forward to planting. The classrooms will start planting soon for their farm to table summer veggie eating experience! Thank you GMUW Volunteers!

We’ve posted photos of the project at Washington County Family Center and Good Samaritan Haven on our blog. If you’re wondering what a Day of Caring looks like, check them out!

Thanks to all of our volunteers this year’s Day of Caring was one to remember. The generosity demonstrated by these volunteers and the businesses who they work who are helping their employees help the community is unmatched: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont, Northfield Savings Bank, and Noyle W. Johnson Insurance Group!

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Celebrate Giving!


Spring is here, so are new training opportunities, events, and reasons to support Green Mountain United Way’s Annual Community Campaign!


Today’s the Day! Join us for Vermont Gives. 

The Second Annual Vermont Gives statewide Day of Giving is finally here! Last year’s #VTGives raised more than $83,000 for over 209 nonprofits statewide and we’re planning to beat that in 2017! 

If you appreciate the impact made by Green Mountain United Way and other Vermont non-profits do for the world, consider donating! Today’s event is a 24-hour online fundraiser designed to build community, raise awareness about Vermont’s nonprofit sector, and inspire giving throughout the state. Supporting organizations which do work you care about is more important than ever in these changing times, so pick one, or two, or three organizations that you believe in, donate, and help spread the word!

Your donation to Green Mountain United Way makes a difference in the lives of your neighbors in the areas of Health, Education, and Financial Stability.

Volunteer Opportunities

Summer Events Need Your Help!
More Ways to Help Your Community:

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Phone: 802-613-3989


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Hiking Season is Here!

Green Mountain Club



Hiking Season

Hiking Season is Here!

“The mountains are calling and I must go” was written by John Muir in 1873 and is still applicable to this day. After winter, the weather starts to warm and the lure of the mountains is strong, but mud season forces us to wait even longer. The time has come when we can finally answer the call! The trails are open and hiking season has begun!

If you are looking for hiking recommendations, we have updated our Suggested Day Hikes list for summer! You can also check out our outings calendar to join a trip with one of our sections. Don’t hesitate to contact 802-244-7037 or stop by the Visitor Center for more information, as well as maps and guidebooks to help plan your hikes. Summer hours have begun: 9AM – 5PM, seven days a week.


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Leave No Trace


Leave No Trace

To keep places in Vermont pristine for everyone to enjoy, please be sure to follow Leave No Trace principles when out in the woods and mountains.  Especially of interest to those climbing the high mountains here, make sure to leave no trace in the alpine zone.

Learn More




Wherever you hike, no matter what season or whether it’s a short hike or multi-day trek, be safe and follow the HikeSafe Hiker Responsibility Code.

Take the Pledge



Be Tick Smart


Be Tick Smart

Ticks are projected to be plentiful this year.  They hide out in high grass, bushy vegetation, and leaf litter throughout the warm season waiting for a warm body that can provide a blood meal to pass by. Make sure to take precautions when hiking, doing yard work or just playing around.

Be Tick Smart

Trailhead Safety


Trailhead Safety

Please do not leave valuable property in plain view in your vehicle. Car break-ins sometimes take place at popular trailheads like those at Mt. Philo State Park and Camel’s Hump State Park. The Vermont State Police is doing their best to curb these break-ins but you can help by securing your valuables while hiking, or not bringing them at all.

More Ways to Prepare

Long Trail Guide Release Party

Long Trail Guide Release Party & Storytelling Night

On Thursday, June 22, 7:30-9:30 PM, at Outdoor Gear Exchange in Burlington, check out the new Long Trail Guide, hot off the press 100 years after the first edition, and throw your name in the hat for a chance to share your best Long Trail story. Or sign up ahead of time!

Storytelling hosted by Maggie Mae Anderson, a Moth and Extempo storyteller.  Drinks provided by Citizen Cider.


Get the details

Summer Socials

GMC Summer Socials

Mark your calendars!  We’ve planned some new fun summer events and socials, so grab a nonmember friend and come have a good time with the Green Mountain Club!  From monthly Mountain Bluegrass Jam Socials on first Wednesdays starting in July, to a Lake Monsters game in July, to a Young Member BBQ Social in August, we’ve got the event for you!  Our website has all the information you need.

Join us!




Lots of fun workshops are coming up this summer: Women in Nature Backpacking Overnight, Land Navigation Basics, Adirondack Pack Basket Making, and a couple of Hiking and Yoga Retreats.

Get the details

Facebook Group


Facebook Group

GMC has a new official Facebook Group where you can ask questions about hiking in Vermont, share your own hike stories and photos, and connect with other hikers.

Check it Out

Field Staff

Fall Field Staff Applications Are Open

Field staff applications have been opened for our fall season of mid-August through mid-October.  All positions require living in the woods for at least five days at a time with two days off a week. Join the Long Trail Patrol or be a Backcountry Caretaker!


Apply Now


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YOUR Community Needs YOU

Upon pondering the effectiveness of the work we did last week within our community at the Family Center of Washington County and the Good Samaritan Haven, I now feel elated and excited by the volunteerism that accomplished this, but true belief in our fellow man/woman that we truly DO make a difference.

Hey, the proof is in the pudding!

So, I’m thinking that we all can be more effective if we just take the next step…

What is that you might say?

Consider our initiatives:

  • Education (early learning)
  • Income (financial stability)
  • Health (healthy living)
  • Basic Needs are being met

United Way World Wide shows us what’s important and viewed all around us in their 20 second video:

No matter the area or location, we all have seen or know someone who falls within any category of need.  Even one day, we ourselves might be in need of specific services.

Guess what?  Your local Green Mountain United Way can help…and YOU can help your local United Way by taking that next step by helping others through volunteerism.

Check out our Volunteer page and find the thing that you might be interested in doing to help out!

Whether you are looking for volunteers or simply want to volunteer yourself, you can browse these opportunities HERE.  You can also feel free to contact us at info@gmunitedway.org or call our Central Office at 802-613-3989.

You’ll be glad you did and feel free to send us feedback on your experiences!

We can accomplish so much together.

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