2018 Worksite Wellness Conference


Vermont Department of Health: Physical Activity and Nutrition
2018 Worksite Wellness Conference
Wednesday, March 21, 2018 from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM EDT
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Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center, Burlington, VT
870 Williston Road
Burlington, VT 05403

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Save the Date! The 2018 Worksite Wellness Conference will be taking place on March 21st, 2018 at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center.  Registration will open in December!

We are also excited to share that the 2018 Worksite Wellness Award Application is open!  This application is open to all workplaces in Vermont, regardless of size or industry, and everyone is encouraged to apply!  The awards are given out by the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports on behalf of the Governor of Vermont and are an opportunity for workplaces to be recognized for the their commitment to staff wellness.  Please note that there is no funding associated with the award, however it is an excellent opportunity for recognition.  The awards will be given out at the 2018 Worksite Wellness Conference.   Award applicants receive a discounted rate for conference registration.  Applications are due end of day October 31st, 2017. Please email ashwinee.kulkarni@vermont.gov with any questions. Apply now!


Ashwinee Kulkarni
Vermont Department of Health & The Vermont Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports


Vermont Department of Health: Physical Activity and Nutrition, 108 Cherry Street, Suite 203, Burlington, VT 05401


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Making School Day Mornings Easier


Vermont 2-1-1


Vermont 2-1-1 Monthly Contact Statistics

A message from the Director, MaryEllen Mendl

August’s increase in contacts over July’s total reveals, once again, the start of the annual trend of climbing contact totals that the close of summer brings. The end of August marks the long slow slide into another winter of stressful planning and difficult choices for many Vermont families. The increase in August contacts over July can be attributed primarily to increases in three categories: Basic Needs, Educational Support and Mental Health and Substance Abuse. Specific examples are Rutland County’s increase in its contact total due to increased referrals to the Mental Health and Substance Abuse category, Franklin County’s increased referrals to public assistance programs, and Windham County’s additional contacts related to requests for housing and temporary financial assistance.

A steady increase in referrals to housing and shelter resources reminds us of those who recall all too well what being out in the cold feels like and what is soon to come. The increase in referrals in August to housing and shelter resources pushed August numbers closer to those of this year’s chilly month of March. The onset of longer, cooler nights will continue to make for higher numbers of requests for emergency shelter. In anticipation, our local communities are once again coming together to plan on how to keep their most vulnerable residents warm and safe from the elements this winter. Many local efforts exist and information about those efforts and the services they hope to provide can be found by contacting Vermont 2-1-1.

Vermont’s United Ways understand just how crucial access to essential services is for children and youth to achieve their potential and strives, through strategic initiatives and by funding local agency and nonprofit education programs, to see that all children enter school ready to succeed. August’s increase in referrals to Educational Support Services speaks to the number of parents who are concerned with sending their children off to school prepared to learn. Referrals were made to parents looking for information about assistance with provision of school supplies, Head Start Programs and GED instruction, just to name a few of the types of education related requests made by Vermont families.

United Way campaigns are “kicking off” in September! Please support your local United Way in its continued efforts to address the needs of our Vermont communities.

Read Vermont 2-1-1’s monthly contact volume report here.

Vermont 2-1-1 Web Statistics

In addition to the contact statistics, the following data is from the 2-1-1 website and shows how the public used the database search engine during the month of August:

Top Services: Homeless Motel Vouchers (344 searches); Community Meals (162 searches); Pet Care Services (152 searches); Assistive Technology Equipment Loan (151 searches); Clothing Donation Programs (128 searches)

Top Agencies: Salvation Army (Rutland); Lamoille Family Center; Vermont Department for Children and Families – Economic Services Division; CVOEO; Caroline Baird Crichfield Fund

Top Search by City: Hancock; East Fairfield; Burlington; Brattleboro; New Haven

Total Site Visits: 4709

Unique (First-Time) Visitors: 1825

Local United Ways Kickoff Annual Campaigns

Each year we see United Way volunteers and staff put on their campaign hats and venture out to raise money for the organization. Your local United Way is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people in your local communities by addressing critical human needs in the critical cornerstone areas of education, financial stability, and health. By bringing people and organizations together around innovative solutions, our local United Ways impact thousands of lives every year. These collaborative, community-based, community-led solutions advance the common good and strive to create a good quality of life for all. The United Way delivers the solutions needed to drive change, but the change starts with each of us. Together we are stronger!

As a program of the United Ways of Vermont, Vermont 2-1-1 asks you to join us in living united! Your contributions will be working year-round building a brighter future for our children, enriching the lives of our elderly, giving hope to those who are hurting, strengthening families, and so much more.

Please join us in helping to build a better future! Thank you.

Mentorship: A Game Changer in the Life of a Child

Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on young people in a variety of personal, academic and professional situations. Adult role modeling through informal and/or formal relationship-building initiatives has a transformative effect on both the youth within a community and on the community itself.

Mentoring, at its core, guarantees young people that there is someone who cares about them, assures them they are not alone in dealing with day-to-day challenges, and makes them feel like they matter. Ultimately, mentoring connects children and youth to positive personal growth and development which in turn connects them to greater social and economic opportunity.

Mobius, Vermont’s lead mentor matching agency, provides the Vermont Youth Mentoring Partnership Program that assists with recruitment and placement of mentors throughout the state. Vermont’s regional United Ways also provide opportunities to connect with local mentoring programs via their Volunteer Center Programs.

For information about becoming a mentor or about starting a mentoring program explore Vermont 2-1-1’s database using the following terms:

How to Prepare for Anything


Aaron Titus, Executive Director with Crisis Cleanup, is coming to Vermont to conduct a workshop to promote his latest book, How to Prepare for Anything, on Saturday, October 21, 2017, starting at 10:00 a.m.

Vermont Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (VTVOAD), in conjunction with UpStreet Consulting, is proud to sponsor Aaron’s workshop to promote his new book. The event will be held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Montpelier Ward, 224 Hersey Road, Berlin, Vermont. Please contact us if you would like to join Aaron and others interested in preparing for unexpected events and disasters.

Click here to visit Help Me Grow VT's website!
Making School Day Mornings Easier

In Vermont, it can be hard to say good bye to the warm, long summer days. While many families stay busy through out the summer, it’s a time when routines can become a little more relaxed. But now school has started and for many families mornings can be hectic. Getting kids ready for their day and out the door on time can be a struggle. Here are some helpful tips to make school day mornings a little less stressful:

  • Get done what you can the night before. Pack lunches and backpacks before bed. Help your child lie out their clothes for the next day.
  • Make a routine schedule or “Morning To-Do List”. Whether it’s a written list for kids who can read or a visual chart with pictures for the younger ones, list routine items in order (i.e. get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth…) it helps kids know what comes next and keeps them on track.
  • A good morning starts with a good night’s sleep. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 3-5 year olds should get 10-13 hours sleep (this includes naps) and 6-12 year olds should get 9-12 hours. Getting enough sleep makes getting up in the morning easier and helps children focus and learn at school. Make sure your family sticks to a bedtime.
  • A good breakfast starts a good day. Breakfast is the fuel every kid needs to start their day right. It improves concentration and helps them do better in school. It’s essential but it doesn’t have to put your family in a time crunch. There are plenty of easy to make and even “eat on the way” options that give kids the protein and nutrients they need, such as yogurt with fruit and granola
  • End on a positive note. Whether it’s a hug or a wave and a smile, your send-off is how your child is starting their day at school. Make it a good one, even if you’re running late. It sets the tone for your child’s day.

Emergency Housing in Vermont

Through a partnership with the State of Vermont’s Economic Services Division, Vermont 2-1-1 administers the After Hours Emergency Housing Program beginning at 4:30pm weekdays, throughout weekends and on state/federal holidays. Housing in Vermont has reached a critical need.

Vermont 2-1-1 Information and Referral (I&R) Specialists responded to 139 calls regarding housing needs. I&R specialists provide needs assessment, problem-solving support, and information and referrals to a wide range of services to each caller. Review Vermont 2-1-1’s Emergency Housing Report for August here.




Vermont 2-1-1 · PO Box 111 · Essex Junction, VT 05453 · USA


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FamilyWize Health & Wellness Newsletter – September 2017

FamilyWize September Newsletter

FamilyWize Logo

Health and Wellness Newsletter – September, 2017

Ask an Expert

Ken Majkowski, Pharm.D and Chief Pharmacy Officer at FamilyWize, explains three “don’ts” for your prescription medications. Ken brings more than 40 years of healthcare experience to the FamilyWize team, including 14 years of clinical pharmacy experience in retail, hospital, and home care. Read his full bio here.

In healthcare, there are very few universal “dos and don’ts.” Every patient is unique and you should always discuss your healthcare questions with a qualified medical professional to understand what is right for you. That said, today I am sharing three “don’ts” – or three things never to do – when it comes to your prescription medications.

Do NOT Split a Pill Without Speaking to Your Pharmacist First

Pill splitting is a common practice and often encouraged by clinicians and payers as a way to save money. But,
before you split (or crush) any pill at home, please speak with your prescribing pharmacist first. Why? Because not every pill is approved to be split. If the FDA can ensure that each half of a split pill will contain the same amount of active ingredients, then it will approve the drug for splitting. If a tablet is FDA-approved to be split, this information will be printed in the “HOW SUPPLIED” section of the Rx label insert and in the patient package insert. Also, the tablet will be scored with a mark indicating where to split it. If the tablet is not scored and you do not see any related information on the label, then the FDA has either not approved it to be split or it has not evaluated that particular drug. Pills that are extended release or coated should also not be split. The release of the drug in your body is dependent on the whole pill being ingested as is. Never try to split a capsule. It is important to note that splitting a pill that is not approved to be split may not be safe.

If you are having a difficult time swallowing a pill, please speak with your doctor or pharmacist. He or she may be able to help.

Do NOT Store Your Medications in a Hot or Humid Environment, Such as in a Car During the Summer or in a Small Bathroom Where You May Shower

Many medications should be stored at room temperature, which is considered to be 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit and some can handle a temperature range of 59 to 86 degrees for short periods, according to Emily Holm, Pharm.D., Mayo Clinic Health System pharmacist.

Drugs that are the particularly sensitive to heat and humidity include:

  • Insulin
  • Antibiotics
  • Sublingual nitroglycerin tablets
  • Oral chemotherapy drugs
  • Any type of hormone medication
  • Many anti-seizure medications

Do NOT Adjust Your Own Dose

Though it may be tempting, adjusting your dose of a prescribed medication without consulting your doctor or pharmacist is never a good idea. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that medication is not taken as prescribed approximately 50 percent of the time. Patients have many reasons for not following their doctor’s instructions – e.g. they may be trying to save money by making their drugs last longer or they may be trying to speed up their recovery by taking a double dose of antibiotic. Both approaches are dangerous and should always be avoided.

If you are struggling to pay for your family’s prescription medications, FamilyWize.org can help. Regardless of your insurance situation, the Free FamilyWize Prescription Discount Card can help you to spend less money on your family’s prescription drugs. Download the free app today.




Quick Tips

Drug Price Lookup Tool



While at your doctor’s office, use the Drug Price Look-up Tool in the FamilyWize mobile app to see which pharmacy will have the lowest price for your prescription. Then ask your doctor to send your prescription to that pharmacy.

It’s that easy!



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© Copyright 2017 FamilyWize Community Service Partnership, Inc.



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You’re Invited to Celebrate, New Volunteer Opportunities, & Updates!

Dear Community Supporter,

With Autumn fast approaching and summer fading into the rearview, we have so many things to share that I’ll keep this update very short. This has been a busy summer of connecting, planning, building and growing here at Green Mountain United Way. Don’t miss any of the news below highlighting the launch of a new financial coaching program, K.E.E.P., expansion of Working Bridges, the Fall Day of Caring & Annual Kickoff Breakfast launching the official start of 2017-18 Workplace Campaigns on September 21.
I invite you to join us in building these and many more opportunities within our communities so that everyone in Caledonia, Essex, Orange, Orleans and Washington Counties may know prosperity and LIVE UNITED.

In gratitude,
Tawnya Kristen
Executive Director

Announcing K.E.E.P. Financial Coaching Program
Registration NOW Open!

Calling all partners – if you serve members of the community who use money (yes, that’s almost all of us!), we invite you to join our inaugural class of 25 Financial Coaches through our newest program, K.E.E.P. Financial Coaching. Keep stands for Knowledge, Equity, Empowerment, Partnership – the four elements that make Financial Coaching a success! Learn more about K.E.E.P. and register NOW!

GMUW Awarded Northern Borders Regional Commission Grant

On August 10, in an award ceremony in the old Greensboro Garage in Hardwick, Green Mountain United Way was one of 10 organizations awarded a grant from the Northern Border Regional Commission.Green Mountain United Way will use the NBRC grant to match public and private investment in the expansion of the Working Bridges program to at least 3 additional employers in the Northeast Kingdom. Read more…

UPS GMUW Golf Classic Raises over $10,000!

On July 29, Nearly 40 golfers stepped up to the tee at the Country Club of Barre to support Green Mountain United Way’s community work. We can’t thank our players and sponsors enough! To see all the photos check out our Golf Photo Gallery.

Green Mountain United Way Events


We’re kicking off our campaign in community service style with a Day of Caring on September 21. Join us to give the gift of time with four great projects in downtown Barre! Register Now to join us and give the gift of time! Learn more….

Join us as we Kick off our Annual Campaign with Breakfast on September 21 in Downtown Barre featuring Keynote Speaker Ted Brady, Deputy Sec. of the Agency of Commerce and Comm. Dev. Enjoy a light breakfast on us and celebrate community, partnership, and Living UNITED. Register…

Volunteer Opportunities in our Communities

Your gift of time makes a huge impact on your community and can build relationships that last a lifetime. Your gift of time is the one that keeps on giving!
  • Lights of Hope Harvest Dinner seeks event volunteers Tuesday, September 19th. Volunteers are needed beginning at 3pm to help with set-up and tear down at this fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.
  • Day of Caring 2017 – Green Mountain United Way seeks volunteers for four Day of Caring Projects. Great team building opportunities await you! Contact cstahler@gmunitedway.org
  • Are you 55 years or over? Share your life experience, knowledge, and skills at a non-profit organization in your own neighborhood as a volunteer driver, class leader, or companion through Central Vermont’s RSVP program!
  • Volunteer Reader needed in Barton to help a NEK Council on Aging client read mail.
  • And nearly 40 more – check out our website for new opportunities to give the gift of time!

Community Notes


St. J Concert Series ends Sept. 17

Celebrate Community and hear some amazing music at the Leavitt AMP St. Johnsbury Music Series at Dog Mountain in St. Johnsbury. The final concerts in this free series are happening the next two Sundays from 4-7pm. Check them out! 


Vermont 211 Resources:
Help Me Grow

Vermont 211’s Help Me Grow team stays up-to-date with community resources for families with young children so you can spend your time directly teaching and caring for children! Learn more…

Bring a United Way Workplace Campaign to your Employer!
Help your community and have fun – contact Carrie to start your Workplace Campaign this Fall! 


We’re Hiring!
Green Mountain United Way is seeking a full-time Working Bridges Resource Coordinator to join our team and help us as we expand our program to serve employers and employees in all of our region. Learn more about this position and how to apply…

Copyright © 2017 Green Mountain United Way, All rights reserved.

Phone: 802-613-3989


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Day of Caring & Kickoff Breakfast

Lend a hand as you follow your passion and use your skills by giving the gift of volunteering to your community! This Fall we have several great projects lined up in downtown Barre happening right after our Annual Kickoff Breakfast – join us for both events or whichever you choose. We are excited to work alongside you to help our community together!

Join us in making a difference in your community. Bring a friend – volunteering is always more fun with a buddy!

Project #1 – Outdoor work at People’s Health and Wellness Clinic

We will be working outdoors at the clinic power washing the front of the building, cleaning up the gardens, sweeping and cleaning the sidewalk and parking areas, pulling weeds and, if time allows, doing some painting and staining.

  • What you’ll need: garden or work gloves, clothing you can get dirty, sun protection, water bottle, and equipment you’d be willing to share with other volunteers including garden tools, clippers, etc. Additional details will be sent prior to the event.

Project #2 – Outdoor work at Downstreet Housing

We will be working outdoors cleaning up the yard, building, and gardens and doing some minor painting projects to get ready for Fall and Winter.

  • What you’ll need: garden or work gloves, clothing you can get dirty, sun protection, water bottle, and equipment you’d be willing to share with other volunteers. Additional details will be sent prior to the event.

Project #3 – Outdoor clean up and staining at OUR House

We will be working outdoors cleaning up the parking area, bushes and landscaping at the front of the building as well as re-staining the wheelchair ramps and side entrance (the stain used last year was defective and has left some patchy spots).

  • What you’ll need: garden or work gloves, clothing you can get dirty, sun protection, water bottle, and equipment like loppers, clippers or trowels that you’d be willing to share with other volunteers. Additional details will be sent prior to the event.

Project #4 – Indoor Cleaning Capstone Food Shelf

Captone is seeking 10 people total for two separate projects at the Food Shelf. The first group will clean up the space (instead of Spring Cleaning we’ll be doing Fall cleaning!) scrubbing the walls and floor, cooler and freezers. A second group will work on light patching of the walls and prepping for a coat of paint and even painting, if time allows.

Additional projects may be added as they become available. If you have a suggestion for a project in downtown Barre, questions about existing projects or registration, or need more information, contact Carrie know at cstahler@gmunitedway.org or 613-3689.

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