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From our family to yours, we wish you a very festive, healthy and relaxing holiday season.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

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Updated FamilyWize App Is Now Available!

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Are You Looking for a Way to Help YOUR Community This Holiday Season?

Try giving to the Green Mountain United Way!

Our mission, simply put, is “Mobilizing communities to create lasting changes in local conditions that will improve lives“.

This goes a long way with your support!

There are lots of ways to give and make your donation count!

Check out our Ways to Give page for complete details and how you can choose the options that fit your needs!

Methods of giving include:

  • Direct Giving
  • Leadership Giving
  • Planned Giving

If you are shopping online this holiday season, why not give through Amazon Smile?  Simply choose Green Mountain United Way as your donation organization and a portion of your purchase goes toward GMUW!  What do you have to loose?

Come on…choose Amazon Smile when you make your online purchases today…

This is OUR community, we ALL Live United, and together we can help make a change that does last.

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Teaching the Importance of Gratitude


Vermont 2-1-1

Vermont 2-1-1 Monthly Contact Statistics

A message from the Director, MaryEllen Mendl

Winter has definitely arrived and the rise in November’s contact volume remains a true harbinger of our cold weather season. The 5,030 contacts received at the 2-1-1 contact center make November’s total the fourth highest since March of this year. Falling temperatures during the month of November each year means the beginning of the winter spike in calls for Emergency Housing and Utility Assistance! Referrals to resources for help with emergency housing and utility assistance are the highest since February. This is an annual trend that we here at 2-1-1 have come to expect and to prepare for each fall.  All of our emergency housing partners know well that the numbers will continue to rise as winter settles in and temperatures continue to fall. The After-Hours Emergency Housing Program Report is available for your review through the link below.

Vermont’s Seasonal Fuel Assistance program, a supplemental benefit that offers assistance with payment for a portion of eligible Vermonters’ winter heating bills, undeniably makes a difference – sometimes large, sometimes small – in the lives of thousands of Vermonters who struggle under the seasonal burden of keeping their homes adequately heated.  Still, the most vulnerable of our community members are often left with the very real and often impossible challenge of keeping their heads above water through the cold winter months, and our contact center referrals will continue to reflect the difficult choices these Vermonters must make.

Another sure sign of the onset of the winter season and the anxieties it brings for many is reflected in the number of calls received for information about holiday programs. Seventy five percent of the calls for Individual and Family Support Programs this month were from Vermonters looking for assistance that would allow their families to participate in the traditions that make the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays a time of celebration. Historically, November calls begin to reflect the anxiety that the upcoming holidays provoke for many Vermonters, and it is with certainty that 2-1-1 contact specialists can state that these calls will continue to grow both in number and in desperation right up through December 24th. This November’s call volume in this sub-category shows a twenty-five percent increase over last November, and the number of referrals made to holiday programs in November has grown threefold over October.

A noteworthy increase this month is in the area of Public Assistance Programs sub-category. The total of 215 referrals is the highest amount of referrals for this category all year. Primarily, referrals were made to General Relief, an income maintenance program administered and funded entirely by each county that provides basic financial assistance for people who are indigent. Services available through the program may include cash allowances for qualifying individuals who have targeted special needs, emergency assistance in the form of temporary housing for people who are homeless, and the means to return to the state of legal residence for people who are stranded. This sub-category also includes referrals to Reach Up, 3SquaresVT, WIC and other State and Federal public assistance programs.

As we enter the “giving season” let’s do our best to remember that we grow by giving of ourselves. If you haven’t yet taken the opportunity to reach out a helping hand, consider doing so today. Our data shows that Vermont’s community food shelves, local emergency financial assistance programs, and holiday giving programs are responding to the needs of our neighbors as best they can.  You can make a difference! As this year’s November statistics show, the need continues to be great!  Consider contacting Vermont 2-1-1 for suggestions about holiday donations and volunteer opportunities in your region.

Read Vermont 2-1-1’s monthly contact volume report here.

National Human Trafficking Awareness Month

January has been proclaimed as the Human Trafficking Awareness Month, a title that underscores the need to destigmatize important discussions about human trafficking and call attention to key facts and realities about human slavery. Following the start of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month in 2010 and in collaboration with multiple national non-profit organizations, National Human Trafficking Day was established and is observed annually on January 11th.

At Vermont 2-1-1, we believe it matters that our nation directs time, energy, and resources to responding to the problem of human trafficking. We have therefore agreed to be the designated number to call to access Vermont’s Rapid Response Support System (RRSS) that works to ensure that actual and potential victims of human trafficking receive support tailored to their needs from first responders such as law enforcement and emergency medical providers.

2-1-1 also actively participates in efforts to raise public awareness about the issue of human trafficking, and we hope that our commitment assists with mobilizing our fellow Vermonters to work to end what is essentially modern day slavery that exploits people’s dreams, robs them of their dignity, and violates their basic human rights.
Victims of human trafficking can be any age, gender, race, or immigration status; they live in cities, suburbs, and rural areas. Human traffickers relentlessly canvass ways to take advantage of people who face extreme adversity, violence, discrimination, or economic vulnerability and dependence.

Dial 2-1-1 to contact Vermont’s Rapid Response Service System. You can also visit vermont211.org to learn more about services and resources available to victims or to learn more about ways to get involved with efforts to end human trafficking. Use the following terms in our database to locate resources and agencies related to human trafficking prevention/intervention.


– Human Trafficking Hotlines
– Human Trafficking Prevention


Give Way to Freedom
Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services

Vermont 2-1-1 Web Statistics

In addition to the contact statistics, the following data is from the 2-1-1 website and shows how the public used the database search engine during the month of November:

Top Services: Thanksgiving Programs (695 searches);
Christmas Programs (524 searches); Holiday Toys/Gifts (482 searches); Homeless Motel Vouchers (329 searches); Clothing Donation Programs (222 searches)

Top Agencies: Salvation Army (Rutland); United Ways of Northwest Vermont; Salvation Army (Burlington); Chances for Christmas; HOPE

Top Search by City: Burlington; Hancock; Middlebury; Saint Albans City; Rutland

Total Site Visits: 6302

Unique (First-Time) Visitors: 2898

Emergency Housing in Vermont

Through a partnership with the State of Vermont’s Economic Services Division, Vermont 2-1-1 administers the After Hours Emergency Housing Program beginning at 4:30pm weekdays, throughout weekends and on state/federal holidays. Housing in Vermont has reached a critical need.

Vermont 2-1-1 Information and Referral (I&R) Specialists responded to 759 calls regarding housing needs. I&R specialists provide needs assessment, problem-solving support, and information and referrals to a wide range of services to each caller. Review Vermont 2-1-1’s Emergency Housing Report for November here.

Teaching the Importance of Gratitude

The holiday season is the perfect time to think about the importance of gratitude. Most parents teach their children to say thank you, but being thankful and appreciative of the good things you have goes beyond manners and etiquette. Children who express and understand  what they are thankful for have less stress, a sense of belonging and are able to relate to other people’s feelings.

It’s natural for kids to be materialistic and self-serving at times. It takes time for small children to learn how to control impulsiveness, learn to share and handle strong emotions. But toddlers and preschoolers are great at modeling the behavior of the adults in their life. So start by setting a good example; show your gratitude for big and small things from gifts to a warm sunny day.

By grade school, children have a greater ability to think more deeply and can reflect on their day. Ask your child what they are grateful for each day at dinner or bedtime and share what you were grateful for today and why.
Some other ideas for teaching gratitude are; focus on the positives in your day, help children write thank you notes, make giving or volunteering a habit, have your child help you set aside toys and clothes to be donated to local charities and teach children to thank those who serve.

Most of all, remember to be patient. Kids can’t be forced into showing appreciation, but being a role model and using everyday gentle efforts can teach your child gratitude as a way of life.




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