I volunteer because…

Join Green Mountain United Way in celebrating volunteers in April for National Volunteer Month.
Our goal is to celebrate volunteers who make a difference in our community! This year is even more important because so many volunteers have stepped up to make sure their community is cared for during the pandemic. Please share this with your friends and neighbors who volunteer so they can share why you do what you do with us and help us celebrate volunteerism across our communities!
The easy DIY version:

  1. Print off the “I volunteer because” placard and fill in the blank space with the reason you volunteer
  2. Take a selfie holding your placard or have a friend/family member take your photo
  3. Email your “I volunteer because” to cstahler@gmunitedway.org

Alternate version if you cannot print the placard:

  1. Fill in the online form here
  2. Take a selfie holding a blank piece of paper, or, just a regular selfie if a blank piece of paper is not easily accessible
  3. Email the image to cstahler@gmunitedway.org and we will make the “I volunteer because” graphic!

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