Make a Real Impact on the Lives of Your Fellow Working Vermonters
Make a Real Impact on the Lives of Your Fellow Working Vermonters

Make a Real Impact on the Lives of Your Fellow Working Vermonters

Baby diapers…a flat tire…enough money to pay the rent but not the security deposit to get a place to live…a load of firewood…a tank of heating oil…enough food in the fridge before payday.  

Because of you, the Green Mountain United Way is able to help working Vermonters stay on their feet and get to work and school, every single day. Every donation to the Green Mountain United Way is a stepping stone to security for Vermonters throughout the five counties we serve, Caledonia, S. Essex, Orleans, Orange and Washington Counties and we are so grateful to you for your help. 

During the pandemic, things got a lot harder before they got better for many Vermonters. And many hard working families are still struggling. 

Candace is a graduate student, healthcare worker and mother, who had to quarantine for 14 days with her kids, after a non-COVID illness during the pandemic, using unpaid time off and whatever little paid time off she had left. This left the family without an income to pay bills just at the holidays!

Candace’s employer partners with Green Mountain United Way’s Working Bridges program and Candace learned that she was eligible for an Income Advance Loan, an available option for any employee that is in good standing at work regardless of credit history. Candace was able to catch up on her bills, get winter tires so she could get to work and purchase gifts for her three children for the holidays. 

This is the kind of work that not only helps a family make it through difficult times but also brings a community together.

Programs like Working Bridges supports local employers by supporting their employees’ needs and help fill the gaps that often go unnoticed until the tire goes flat at 7am or the baby doesn’t have enough diapers to go to daycare. Green Mountain United Way works to ensure that moments of instability will not lead to long term insecurity.

Thank you so much for continuing to support this important work!

Your past gifts are helping us build the foundation upon which we can help elevate our Vermont working families into a better place both financially and emotionally. So much of the stress of scarcity can be avoided by lifting our working families when they need it the most. 

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