May is Stroke & High Blood Pressure Month
May is Stroke & High Blood Pressure Month

May is Stroke & High Blood Pressure Month


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Health and Wellness Newsletter – May, 2017

Stroke & High Blood Pressure Month

High Blood Pressure is the Leading Risk Factor for Stroke



High Blood Pressure (HBP or hypertension) is one of the leading causes of Stroke. It is often the first domino in a chain or “domino effect” leading to devastating consequences, like heart attack, stroke, kidney disease and more.
Barely half of the 86 million Americans with high blood pressure have it under control. Another factor in this equation is that 16
percent of the people with high blood pressure are completely unaware that
they have this symptomless “silent killer”1.


•  80% of strokes can be largely prevented
•  1 in 3 U.S. adults has high blood pressure2

STROKE is all around us.

    • Every 40 seconds, someone in the U.S. has a stroke.
    • Each year, about as many Americans have a stroke as a heart attack.
    • Stroke causes more than 133,000 deaths annually.
    • After years of going down, stroke deaths are now up by three percent.


80% of strokes are PREVENTABLE.

    • High blood pressure is the most important controllable risk factor for stroke.
    • One in three American adults has high blood pressure.
    • Most people who have a first stroke have high blood pressure.


Stroke is largely TREATABLE.

  • The faster stroke is treated, the more likely the patient is to recover.
  • Stroke patients who are treated with the clot-busting drug within 90 minutes of their first symptoms are almost three times more likely to recover with little or no disability.
  • Ninety-one percent of stroke patients who were treated with a stent retriever within 150 minutes of first symptoms recover with little or no disability.

When it comes to spotting stroke and getting help, the faster, the better. That’s because prompt treatment may make the difference between life and death — or the difference between a full recovery and long-term disability3.

Helpful Resouces:

2017 American Stroke Month Landing Page – Find American Stroke Month campaign messages and elements: High Blood Pressure infographic, F.A.S.T. video and more.

Together to End StrokeTM – Learn about the ASA’s national initiative and how you can teach Americans that stroke is largely preventable, treatable and beatable.

ASA Stroke Resource Center – Digital library for stroke resources on prevention, treatment and recovery.

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