Mental Illness Awareness Week
Mental Illness Awareness Week

Mental Illness Awareness Week


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Health and Wellness Newsletter – October, 2017

Mental Illness Awareness Week

As you may have seen on our Facebook page, October 1st – 7th was Mental Illness Awareness Week. We work with our partners at Mental Health America and National Council on Aging to help educate and inform as many people as possible. While the first week of October has a special focus on mental illness, our goal is to be a resource for patients 365 days of the year.

Here are some important facts & tips to consider:

    • Did you know that 58% of older adults have had symptoms of depression that significantly impacted their lives? Visit to take a quick and confidential depression screening.


  • About 15% of adults aged 60+ struggle with mental illness. If you or a loved one have a diagnosis, FamilyWize can help you save an average of 51% on mental health prescriptions.


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While at your doctor’s office, use the Drug Price Look-up Tool in the FamilyWize mobile app to see which pharmacy will have the lowest price for your prescription. Then ask your doctor to send your prescription to that pharmacy.

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