Get up to $5000 toward your purchase of a used, fuel-efficient car!

MileageSmart covers 25% of the purchase price – up to $5000 – on vehicles that get 40MPG or better.  There are over 70 eligible vehicles!

MileageSmart can help:

  • lower your gas costs
  • lower your maintenance costs
  • lower your carbon footprint

Learn more and apply today!

Do I qualify?

The MileageSmart incentive is available to Vermonters who meet the income qualification, are 18 years of age or older, and are purchasing an eligible vehicle from a Vermont dealership. Learn more about program qualifications here:

What kinds of vehicles are eligible?

All kinds of cars, crossovers, and SUVs! From fuel-efficient gas vehicles like the Honda Accord Hybrid and Toyota Rav4 Hybrid to the all-electric Chevy Bolt or Kia Niro, there are lots of cars to choose from. Each week, the MileageSmart team publishes a list of eligible vehicles, currently available. Check it out here: