Orleans-Northern Essex County Mask Project

In partnership with the Orleans Northern Essex County Response Team, we are working to supply the community in our region with masks for free. We have been generously supported by Vermont Teddy Bear Company & many community volunteer stitchers. Masks are currently being distributed at locations throughout the region and we are doing the best to continue to supply these locations with masks for patrons or community members who need them.

If you need a face covering, the BEST place to contact is one of the towns on the Vermont Emergency Management list of municipalities who are working with the State of Vermont to distribute thousands of donated face coverings – sizes are good for smaller adult faces or larger adult faces:

Local locations where you can get free face coverings:

  • The Glover Store, Newport Center
  • Shaws, Derby
  • Hillikers Store, Newport Center
  • Hoagies, Newport & Derby locations
  • Helmersons Restuarant, Newport
  • Boutin’s, Troy
  • Newport Jewelers, Newport
  • Hobo’s, Island Pond
  • Dollar Tree, Newport
  • Troy Country Store, Troy
  • West Main Deli, Newport
  • Vista Foods, Newport
  • The Brown Cow, Newport
  • Wendy’s, Newport/Derby
  • West Side Deli, Newport
  • Domino’s Pizza, Newport/Derby
  • NEKCA Youth Services, Newport
  • NEKCA – Main Street, Newport

Hoagies Newport

Hoagies Derby

Helmersons Restaurant Newport

Hillikers Store Newport Center

Glovers Store Newport Center

Wendys Newport

Dominos Newport

Hobos Island Pond

Newport Jewelers Newport

Dollar Tree Newport

West Side Deli Newport

Brown Cow Newport

Seniors in the NEK in need of masks can contact the NEK Council on Aging’s helpline to get a mask: 802-748-5182 or 800-642-5119

We are always looking for stitchers to join our project.

If you are interested in stitching masks, please use the form linked below to volunteer and we will be in touch to get you kits to sew!

3 thoughts on “Orleans-Northern Essex County Mask Project

  1. Carrie, do you have any plans for distribution in Lowell, Jay, Westfield, Troy Area? All of our General Stores will be great partners for a place to pick up mask(s). Of course, Jay Food Shelf is another location.

    Have you connected with Liz.Butterfield@ncsuvt.org to check on their outstanding needs for schools (students & teachers & staff)? She’s still looking for MORE masks. Let her know I suggested she contact you.

    Let us know how we can be helpful in amplifying this great work and contributions to our communities’ safety & well-being. all the best with Many THANKS & CHEERS | Trish

  2. Oh, and don’t forget Island Pond and Charleston(s) as well as Brownington! THANKS Again for letting us know about your good work, Carrie. | Trish

    1. Thanks, Trish! We are working with the state, I’ll bring these suggestions to them to see if we have folks who can help us do distribution in the towns you mentioned! Right now we do not have extra, but we are working to increase our capacity with more stitchers. Is the Lowell/Jay/Westfield/Troy crew still sewing and who do those masks go to?

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