Physical Activity and Nutrition News
Physical Activity and Nutrition News

Physical Activity and Nutrition News



3 health behaviors: physical inactivity, unhealthy eating and tobacco use
lead to 
4 chronic diseases: heart disease, diabetes, lung disease and cancer
resulting in more than
50% of deaths in Vermont.

Join with the Vermont Department of Health as we work to inspire change around Vermont. Review the data briefs, success stories, tip sheets and tool kits on the 3-4-50 webpages and share the news with your friends and colleagues.

This summer, Vermont Department of Health district offices will share this information in their communities, consider local data and create plans to impact the three health behaviors. To get involved, contact the district office in your area.   

Together we can reduce chronic disease and help all Vermonters lead healthier lives.


Aging and Physical Activity


Three behaviors: lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating and tobacco use contribute to the development and severity of chronic disease. Older Vermonters (ages 65 and older) have similar rates to all adult Vermonters when it comes to poor diet or not getting the recommended amount of physical activity. Nearly four out of five older Vermonters do not follow the recommended diet, and two out of five do not get enough physical activity. Learn more at: 3-4-50 Vermont. Read more…
Did you know?
One in seven (14%) of Vermont adults enjoyed gardening as a principal form of physical activity in 2013.
Don’t Sweat it With Sports Drinks
Warmer weather in summer means   more outdoor physical activity and the possibility of losing more body fluid from sweat. Selling sports drinks is a big business, and the target audience is average consumers (including children), not elite athletes. Sports drinks provide unwanted added sugar, typically 4 teaspoons per cup, or 9 teaspoons if you drink the whole bottle. Sugar provides 100 percent of the calories in most sports drinks. The latest (2015-2020) US Dietary Guidelines recommend that we reduce added sugars to less than 10 percent of our calories per day. Choosing sugar-free beverages whenever we drink helps us follow this guideline. Read more…

School’s out for Summer!


During the school year, schools provide breakfast and lunch to thousands of students across Vermont. But when summer arrives, students may not have the same access to those well balanced, nutritious meals. Hunger Free Vermont has worked with communities across the state to help feed children in the summer. Look for a summer meal site near you. These sites welcome all children 18 and under for healthy summer breakfasts and/or lunches. Read more summer school news…
Did you know?
In an effort to promote healthy eating in 2014, almost all (95%) of Vermont secondary schools served locally or regionally grown foods in their cafeteria and three quarters of them (74%) planned a school garden.

Worksite Gardens


It’s summer in Vermont, an excellent opportunity for employers to consider worksite wellness initiatives that help employees get more fresh air, outdoor exercise and access to healthy foods. A worksite garden can be an important part of a summer wellness program that promotes physical activity and access to affordable, fresh and local produce. Read more…
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