Vermont 2-1-1 Monthly Update – June 2016
Vermont 2-1-1 Monthly Update – June 2016

Vermont 2-1-1 Monthly Update – June 2016


 Vermont 2-1-1

Emergency Housing in Vermont

Through a partnership with the State of Vermont’s Economic Services Division, Vermont 2-1-1 administers the After Hours Emergency Housing Program beginning at 4:30pm weekdays, throughout weekends and on state/federal holidays. Housing in Vermont has reached a critical need.

Vermont 2-1-1 Information and Referral (I&R) Specialists responded to 117 calls regarding housing needs. I&R specialists provide needs assessment, problem-solving support, and information and referrals to a wide range of services to each caller. Review Vermont 2-1-1’s Emergency Housing Report for June here.

Vermont 2-1-1 Monthly Call Statistics

A message from the Director, MaryEllen Mendl

June’s call volume of 2,222 reflects the more financially manageable time for many here in Vermont. The annual increase in call volume that the fall and winter months always bring, with requests for home heating assistance and emergency shelter, always tapers off as summer settles in. For many Vermonters this means catching up on utility bills, making much needed vehicle repairs, and setting aside whatever they can in anticipation of another long cold winter.

Each year, the onset of summer brings with it the types of requests for information and referral that reflect a return to the typical day-to-day struggles that some Vermont families continue to face. This year’s June data reveals spikes for information and referrals to food resources, legal services, health insurance marketplaces, case services. Most alarming is a notable rise in referrals to Domestic Violence Hotlines (54% of the referrals under the Mental Health Assessment and Treatment Subcategory). The increase in referrals to housing/shelter resources from May to June can be attributed to this increase in calls for referrals to Domestic Violence Hotlines.

The subcategory Legal Services realized an increase in June with more referrals being made to lawyer referral services and tenant rights information. All counties but three (Essex, Grand Isle and Washington) show increases in this subcategory. Windham and Windsor Counties saw referrals for Legal Services double from the previous month.

More Vermonters from all but three counties (Chittenden, Grand Isle, Lamoille and Rutland) called for Food Programs this year. Once again, in cooperation with Hunger Free Vermont’s initiatives to reduce hunger and food insecurity, Vermont  2-1-1 is designated as the number to call for information about the Summer Meal Programs and other summer food resources. Working to assure that Vermont children have daily access to adequate food during the summer school recess is a top priority for Hunger Free Vermont and year after year 2-1-1 call statistics verify the need. The top three referred services in the Food sub-category are Food Pantries (41% of sub-category), Farmers Markets (35% of sub-category) and Summer Food Programs (18% of sub-category). When you combine those figures with the number of callers who requested information on 3SquaresVT (18% of Public Assistance Programs sub-category), it is easy to see that many Vermonters continue to struggle with food insecurity.

Read Vermont 2-1-1’s monthly call volume report here.

Mentorship: A Game Changer in the Life of a Child

Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on young people in a variety of personal, academic and professional situations. Adult role modeling through informal and/or formal relationship-building initiatives has a transformative effect on both the youth within a community and on the community itself.

Mentoring, at its core, guarantees young people that there is someone who cares about them, assures them they are not alone in dealing with day-to-day challenges, and makes them feel like they matter. Ultimately, mentoring connects children and youth to positive personal growth and development which in turn connects them to greater social and economic opportunity.
Mobius, Vermont’s lead mentor matching agency, provides the Vermont Youth Mentoring Partnership Program that assists with recruitment and placement of mentors throughout the state. Vermont’s regional United Ways also provide opportunities to connect with local mentoring programs via their Volunteer Center Programs.

For information about becoming a mentor or about starting a mentoring program explore Vermont 2-1-1’s database using the terms “Adult/Child Mentoring Programs” and “Volunteer Recruitment/Placement.”

UWsVT on Amazon Smile!

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Help Me Grow Update

Help Me Grow Vermont (HMG VT) has taken on a new collaboration within the greater HMG partner network. HMG VT Child Development Specialists are now the first point of contact for child care providers interested in the Vermont Child Care Wellness Consultation Program (CCWC), a program of the Vermont Department of Health Maternal and Child Health Division.

The Child Care Wellness Consultant Program (CCWC) can provide a specially trained registered nurse (RN) with knowledge of health and safety issues unique to caring for young children in group childcare settings. The CCWC is knowledgeable about State Child Care Licensing Regulations and can provide expert guidance and technical assistance to child care providers on a wide array of health and safety topics.

HMG VT Child Development Specialists complete a telephone intake with interested child care providers as a first step toward working with a CCWC RN. Child care providers can call Help Me Grow VT by dialing 2-1-1 and pressing “6” for more information about this program, including program eligibility.

Help Me Grow Vermont and Vermont 2-1-1 have been providing information about summer meal program sites to callers. Hunger Free Vermont’s online lists of meal sites encourage people to call 2-1-1 or text “FOOD” to 877-877 to find drop-in summer meal sites for kids age 18 and under across Vermont. Help Me Grow Vermont and 2-1-1 resource staff are also providing Help Me Grow Vermont postcards to summer meal sites to help to connect families to other services and resources they may need.

Vermont 2-1-1 Launches Mobile App!

United Ways of Vermont and Vermont 2-1-1 is excited to announce the launch of the Vermont 2-1-1 mobile app to help community members navigate the complex system of health and human services. The app will allow users to get to the assistance they need quickly, anonymously and from the convenience of their mobile device.

In 2015, the Vermont 2-1-1 call center, which has the most up to date, comprehensive directory for social services information, handled more than 38,000 calls, each representing a person in need of assistance. From mothers who need food for their children, to working families who cannot afford to pay their utility bills, or a dialysis patient trying to coordinate transportation to medical appointments, 2-1-1 can direct users to thousands of social service resources. The app also makes it easy to call 2-1-1 directly when a human touch is required.

“The Vermont 2-1-1 app will streamline access to social services information, ensuring crucial information is available when and where it is needed,” said MaryEllen Mendl, Director.

Users can simply download the app from the app store and enter their zip code to connect to the most relevant resources based on their needs and location. Users can either find these resources through a robust set of resource-matching tools to obtain a list of services that closely match what they are looking for, such as a food source, utility bill assistance, low-cost child care and many others.

Download the app by searching “Vermont 2-1-1” in your phone’s app store.

Go mobile and download the free 211info app for smartphones today!



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