Welcome Blaire Haggett!
Welcome Blaire Haggett!

Welcome Blaire Haggett!

Blaire Haggett Joins Green Mountain United Way Resource Coordination Team

Green Mountain United Way is excited to announce the addition of Blaire Haggett to the Working Bridges Resource Coordination team. Blaire brings over 12 years of experience in advocacy and guidance to those experiencing hardships and struggling with financial and social challenges.

Blaire Haggett

Working Bridges Community Impact Director, Julia Davis, said, “We are thrilled to have Blaire join our team at Green Mountain United Way. Blaire’s extensive experience as a leader at Onion River Crossroads as well as her familiarity with the Central Vermont region makes her a great asset to our Working Bridges Resource Coordinator team.” 

Green Mountain United Way’s Working Bridges program serves local families in Caledonia, Essex, Orange, Orleans, and Washington Counties in Vermont. Working Bridges works with companies and organizations to bring their employees resources that can help them get to work on time, and consistently, as well as help them develop their career along the way. By placing a resource coordinator like Blaire in a workplace once a week, employees can come to Blaire and ask for help with everything from paying rent to getting tires for their car or food for their children. The experience of resource coordinators like Blaire means that our community will be served not only by someone who understands the various challenges of living and working in Central Vermont, but also someone who is truly an understanding advocate on their behalf.

“Blaire is a thoughtful, hardworking and compassionate community member and teammate who holds a strong passion for learning and teaching new skills,” Davis continued. “Blaire brings with her a strong foundation in conflict resolution, active listening and a strengths-based approach to problem solving. We are so excited to see all that she will bring to our Working Bridges program!”

“I wanted to join the United Way because I wanted to be able to help people in our community in a new way,” Blaire said. “I want to share with others the experience I have in resource navigation and help them to be as successful as possible. Being a single mother in Central Vermont, I have had to find and dig to find resources and I had to learn how to ask for help at times. I am passionate about sharing tools and resources with others. I want to learn more about how to help others in this community, and I want to learn whatever I can learn in order to share and spread that knowledge so we can build a strong, stable environment here in Central Vermont and throughout the Northeast Kingdom.”

To learn more about Working Bridges, call 802.613.3989, visit https://gmunitedway.org/our-work/working-bridges/ or email wbrc@gmunitedway.org