COVID-19 Emergency Relief & Response Fund

Help us secure matching funds thanks to a few generous donors and Northfield Savings Bank! Each donation of $25 will be matched 100%! We need just $2500 to meet the $7500 match – can you help with a gift?

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This crisis has brought front and center the fragile state of the economic stability and health of many Vermonters in Central Vermont and the Northeast Kingdom, an issue we work to address year-round at Green Mountain United Way.

Green Mountain United Way’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief & Response Fund is designed to help our communities in this critical time of need. 100% of the dollars raised through this fund will be used to support organizations and people in Central Vermont and the three counties of the Northeast Kingdom. Understanding your commitment to your local community, we have included the choice to support the entire region, or you can target your donation to serve your neighbors in Central Vermont (Washington & No. Orange Co.), the Northern NEK (Orleans & N. Essex Co.), or Southern NEK (Caledonia & S. Essex Co.).

We see this as one crucial way to LIVE UNITED. When you give to the COVID-19 Emergency Relief & Response Fund, you are helping our most vulnerable community members & working families as we navigate this unprecedented challenge together, as a community. By working together, you, United Way, and our partners on the ground, specifically those who are collaborating through our local Accountable Communities for Health at THRIVE in Central Vermont and NEK Prosper in the Southern NEK Region, who are on at the forefront of the response to this crisis, we will mobilize funding and resources to be delivered where they are needed most!

In order to mobilize the resources for both short-term impacts and long-term challenges to the pandemic, we are working with our nonprofit partners in Central Vermont and the Northeast Kingdom who are focused on keeping our communities well-nourished, well-housed, mentally healthy, physically healthy, and financially secure. Joining us in this effort are United Ways across the state, the Vermont Community Foundation, who has organized a statewide response fund which you can find here – state & local governments, and private funders to mobilize resources and address our biggest challenges right now.

This work is happening right now and will support the initial stages of the impacts of COVID-19 on our communities, and will continue as we move through this crisis together, UNITED as Vermonters, UNITED as neighbors, UNITED as communities.

Questions about this fund can be directed to Carrie Stahler at cstahler(at)

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