E911 CARE Program

E911 CARE Program

In collaboration with E911, Vermont 211 and the United Ways of Vermont is working to help identify members of our communities who would need special assistance in an emergency or evacuation. This could include, but is not limited to, people who need the use of a wheelchair, have unique transportation needs, are blind or hearing-impaired or have a service animal.

If you or someone you know would need this special assistance, we encourage them to complete the E911 CARE Form, which can be acquired from 2-1-1 via their website (click Registration Form), or in printed form by request from 2-1-1. Once the form is completed it can be emailed to Or, it can be printed and mailed to the address shown on the bottom of the form.

The information provided on these forms will be treated as confidential and will be given to E911 for entry in their database, after which the forms will be destroyed. First responders are the only ones who will have access to this information at the time of an emergency and will be able to determine any special considerations needed before arriving on the scene making it safer and quicker for the special needs person.

This is a vital program that will benefit many members of our local area. Please help by completing the form and sending it to Vermont 2-1-1.