Connect to Your Community Through Volunteering

COVID-19 Volunteer Response

So much has happened in such a short time – and so much of it is because community volunteers have stepped up to help! Thank you for caring so much and for being so willing to step up and make a difference!

While we are all being told to hunker down and stay home, our nonprofit, service, and relief organizations are rewriting the way they work on the fly – and many are doing it with staff who are in different physical locations. We are all learning new ways to collaborate, help, and work together. What that might mean is that when you ask “How can I help?” we may not immediately know! Right now, our #1 focus is to support our nonprofits, their guidance, and new protocols, and diligently to identify ways that community members can support the work happening on the ground.

We are working hard to support our nonprofit partners organizing the response to COVID-19 all across our communities.

Please find the most updated opportunities on our Volunteer Connection including specific opportunities for Food Delivery (for seniors, food-insecure individuals, food shelves, and others), Housing and Homelessness, and other ways to support.

For those of you looking for neighbor-to-neighbor connections, many Mutual Aid organizations have popped up in towns across our region. The Peace & Justice Center has a running list of these lists where you can volunteer, as well as opportunities for those in our towns who need assistance from their neighbors, they can ask for them.

Join us to find ways to give back to your community that utilizes your time, talents, and interests to make a difference!

Our Volunteer Connection is a platform to help Volunteers find Opportunities to give back with our region’s nonprofit organizations. This platform enables nonprofit organizations to efficiently list and manage all of their available volunteer opportunities in one place. It gives Volunteers the chance to search for opportunities near them that make the most of their time and talent or to connect with the mission of an area nonprofit. With over 60 local nonprofit organizations participating, there are plenty of missions, opportunities, and impacts to choose from!


If you are with a nonprofit organization who is interested in joining the Volunteer Connection, check out our page with all you need to get started!

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