You are what your community needs.

You are what your community needs.

Join us and together we will build the solid foundation our communities need.

Send a card of hope and joy to a foster child when they receive a Tatum’s Totes backpack.

Every gift of $25 to Green Mountain United Way and Tatum’s Totes sends a ripple of hope for a foster child into our local community.

Give to help our local Vermont working families through our Working Bridges program and support local businesses and companies at the same time!

Kathy has worked for many years at a local hospital. While she makes a good income, she is a single mom and with the rising costs of food, heat, and gas, sometimes it’s a struggle just to get the snow tires off the car and the summer ones back on. Donating to programs like Working Bridges means that Kathy can keep her car on the road, keep getting to work each day, and, in turn, she can continue to help the people of our community by doing what she does every day.

No matter how large or small your gift, it will start making a difference in the lives of your neighbors today.

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